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RI President's Message 

Frank Devlyn 
RI President Elect 2000-01

Frank Devlyn


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In Your Club . . . In Your Community . . . In Our World

Dear Fellow Rotarians:

 As your president for the year 2000-01 when we are entering a new century and a new millennium, I am keenly aware that our clubs, our communities, and our world have an array of problems that are not being adequately addressed. As Rotarians, we can choose to overlook or ignore these problems or we can do something about them. I hope that as we enter the 21st century and as we approach Rotary’s 100th anniversary, we make it our first priority to do something.

As Rotarians, we have the potential to strengthen our clubs, and we have the credibility to generate public support and implement solutions to problems in more than 29,500 communities in the world.  We also have the extensive international network to expand our humanitarian actions to all parts of the globe.

 As we work together in 2000-01, let us never forget that our mission is to CREATE AWARENESS and TAKE ACTION in our clubs, our communities, and throughout the world.


Frank Devlyn, 
RI President, 2000-01