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For Rotary Year 2000/2001


Our District Goals for Rotary Year 2000/2001 will be in line with President Frank J Devlyn’s theme “Create Awareness & Take Action”.

1.                Presidential Citation

Every club in our District should view the goals set by our RI President and carry out the programs and projects with the view to earning the Presidential Citation.  Clubs are required to meet these goals between 1st July 2000 and 1st April 2001.  The form in duplicate signed by the President and Secretary must reach me by 15th March 2001 to be in time for signing by RI President by 15th April 2001.

2.                 Membership Growth

Membership growth is essential to sustain our programs and projects.  All clubs with less than 25 members are strongly encouraged to exceed this number.  Those with more than 25 members should aim for a net increase of 5% growth.

Let us recognise Rotarians who bring in new members like we recognise Paul Harris Fellows.  Let us make Rotary Clubs more accessible to people of different backgrounds as we take pride on our diversity in Rotary.  Let us aim for quality membership, and consolidate rather than chartering new clubs, unless there are exceptional reasons.

3.                 Public Relation and Media Awareness

Rotary Clubs are encouraged to ride on rapid information technology to create public and media awareness of to promote Rotary image.  In the new Millennium, we have to live with the power of public relation; so why not take advantage of these opportunities.

4.                Rotary Foundation

I encourage every Rotary Club to continue supporting the Rotary Foundation and to participate in its humanitarian and educational programs.  Whilst we continue to support restricted donations, I would urge all Rotarians to positively consider unrestricted donations so that our District will benefit from a more generous SHARE system allocation of funds in the Foundation programs.

5.                 International Services

The District will continue to be actively involved in most programs such as GSE, WCS, Youth Exchange, Rotary Friendship, Rotary Village/Community Corp and other activities that give Rotary this unique international flavour.  For the first time, our District is looking at having a second GSE team to a neighbouring country.

6.                 Service to New Generations

The District will, and urge all clubs to, continue to invest and provide seed funds for training our youth, our major assets, to meet the challenges of a global and knowledge based economy.

7.                 Rotary in the New Millennium

Whilst we continue with the usual community service projects within or outside our respective communities, we have to be mindful that Rotary is going into a new Millennium which in some respects call for new thoughts and focus.  All clubs and Rotarians are encouraged to participate in e-mail communication and the benefits of instant information.  RI has established task forces at World Headquarters and regionally to support and provide instant information guidance and support to Rotarians worldwide in their programs and projects.  We have to look at future directions for Rotary in our District to be proactive and effective.  A strategic planning committee has been set up towards this direction.