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Welcome to 
Rotary International 
District 3310

District 3310

Welcome to Rotary International District 3310 . Our district comprises of 60 Rotary clubs in 3 countries namely Singapore, Brunei, the West Malaysian states of Johor & Malacca and the East Malaysian states of Sarawak and Sabah.

Our district history goes back to 1929. It was between 1929 and 1930 that seven Rotary Clubs were organised in the then Malaya Peninsula and Siam region . The clubs included Penang (12/8/29), Seremban (20/9/29), Kuala Lumpur (27/9/29), Ipoh (11/10/29), Klang-Port Swettenham (7/5/30), Singapore (6/6/30) and Malacca (8/7/30). When these clubs were formed, the Malay Peninsula and Siam were not designated into districts. The Rotary Club of Malacca was chartered on 8 September 1930 and the Rotary Club of Singapore followed on 6 December 1930.

However on 1 July 1931, the Malay Peninsula and Siam were designated as Provisional District "B" and on 1 July 1935, French Indo-China was included in Provisional District "B" which together became a regular district of Rotary International (District 80). Prince Purachatra became the first District Governor of District 80. On 13 April 1936, Sarawak, Brunei and British North Borneo were also included in District 80. In January 1944 during the war years, membership of all Rotary Clubs in District 80 was terminated and District 80 was voided.

On 18 December 1946 after the war, all Rotary Clubs previously in District 80 were re-admitted and the District re-established.

During 1948-49, all Districts in RI were re-numbered and District 80 became District 46. All Districts were again re-numbered on 1 July 1957 and District 46 became District 330. In the early 80's District 330 was split and clubs in Thailand formed there own District leaving clubs in Malaysia Singapore and Brunei as District 330. On 1 July 1991, with the number of clubs totaling over 80 District 330 was divided into District 3300 consisting of clubs in West Malaysia, except Johor and Malacca, which were grouped into District 3310 together with East Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.