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For Rotary Year 1999/2000

Recipients of the RI Presidential Citation 1999/2000

1.     RC of Batu Pahat

2.     RC of Bintulu

3.     RC of Bugis Junction

4.     RC of Bukit Timah

5.     RC of Changi

6.     RC of Garden City

7.     RC of Johor Bahru

8.     RC of Johor Straits View

9.     RC of Jurong Town

10.   RC of Kluang

11.   RC of Kota Kinabalu

12.   RC of Kota Kinabalu South

13.   RC of Kota Melaka

14.   RC of Kuching

15.   RC of Kuching Central

16.   RC of Kuching Jaya

17.   RC of Kuching South

18.   RC of Kulai

19.   RC of Likas Bay

20.   RC of Luyang

21.   RC of Malacca

22.   RC of Marina City

23.   RC of Muar

24.   RC of Orchard Singapore

25.   RC of Pandan Valley

26.   RC of Pasir Gudang

27.   RC of Pontian

28.   RC of Raffles City

29.   RC of Sandakan

30.   RC of Sandakan North

31.   RC of Segamat

32.   RC of Singapore

33.   RC of Singapore East

34.   RC of Singapore North

35.   RC of Singapore West

36.   RC of Skudai

37.   RC of Tanglin

38.   RC of Tanjung Aru

39.   RC of Tawau

40.   RC of Tawau Tanjung

41.   RC of Tebrau

42.   RC of Queenstown

43.   RC of Kota Tinggi  

(Total of 43 out of 60 Clubs or 71.7%)

Recipients of The Rotary Foundation District Service Awards

1.    PP Dr A Shanmugam           
RC of Muar

2.    PP Allen Tong Kim Fatt     
RC of Kota Kinabalu

3.    PP Andre Suharto               
RC of Kuching Central

4.    Pres. Chew Ban Seng          
RC of Bukit Timah

5.    Pres. Chew Ghim Bok         
RC of Bugis Junction

6.    PP Chong Choo Chai           
RC of Garden City

7.    PP Easaw Thomas               
RC of Kluang

8.    PP Dr K A Abraham          
RC of Marina City

9.    DGE Kenneth Chew   
       RC of Pandan Valley

10.   Rtn Dr Lau Yat Sun              
        RC of Singapore

11.    PP M K Valasalan                
         RC of Kulai

12.    PP Dr Oliver Hennedige      
         RC of Singapore

13.    Pres. Philip Leong                      
RC of Singapore

14.    PP S Gopal Nair                   
RC of Kulai

15.    PP Teo Pok Zin        
RC of Queenstown